About Picket Fence Properties


My Family and I take great pride in the houses we have available. We specialize in purchasing older homes in the historic district of Bryan, which we carefully refurbish to reflect the historic charm of yester-year. Our sole purpose has always been providing quality rental properties in the College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas for students, families, and young professionals.


College Station is our home, so we value and take seriously our place in the community. We choose houses that were built in a different era and well constructed. Houses with 80 year old hard wood floors, 100 year old fruit bearing trees including pecan, pear and figs, native plants and large lots. People often comment how our houses remind them of their grandmother's house. Many of the houses were built before A/C was available so they are designed to face the prevailing winds for nice summer breezes, but don't worry all of the houses have modern cooling and heating systems. 


We spend more than most in refurbishment of these houses because these properties represent our children's college and our retirement. They are a long term investment for us so we don't think in the short term. There is no management company you talk to, you speak directly to us, the owners. 


We hope that you find our website informative and helpful in selecting a new community.






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